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Learn German with music: 5 songs by Max Giesinger

In the first part of “Learn German with music”,  I wrote about Mark Foster, one of my favorite German artists.  As I mentioned in previous posts, learning German through music might be not the best idea for beginners. But it is a great tool for beginner and advanced learners to enrich the vocabulary and improve listening skills.

Today I want to talk about another German singer, who became popular not such a long time ago. I heard about Max Giesinger only 2 years ago and I became his fan immediately. Let me know if you also like his music!

Max Giesinger – 80 Millionen

80 Millionen was the song that brought Max Giesinger a sudden popularity. It was released in 2016 before UEFA Euro 2016 and quickly became a hit. This was also the first time I heard about Max Giesinger because this song was played everywhere in Germany at that time. Can you guess where the title “80 Millionen” is coming from?

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There are two versions of the music video, watch the second version on Youtube.

Max Giesinger – Wenn sie tanzt

This is probably my favorite song by Max Giesinger. I always feel like dancing whenever I hear it.

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Max Giesinger – Nicht so schnell

“Nicht so schnell” is the latest song from Max Giesinger.

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Max Giesinger – Irgendwas mit L

This is a really funny song when you understand the lyrics.

Max Giesinger – Für Immer

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Which song did you like the most? Share your favorite German music in the comments!

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