Resources old

Some of my favorite resources for teaching and learning German:

DW| Deutsch lernen

Deutsche Welle is an amazing resource for everyone who is teaching or learning German. All material is sorted by level so everyone can find something that fits them. Some of my favorites are:

Top – Thema | DW

Audio texts to different topics with transcript, vocabulary and exercises. From B1.

Video- Thema| DW

Similar to Top- Thema but with video. From B2.

Das Deutschlandlabor | DW

Videos with transcript, vocabulary and exercises. All about German culture and lifestyle. From A1.

Alltagsdeutsch| DW

Audio to different topics in German everyday life. From C1.


Easy German 

Probably my favourite channel about German language. German and English subtitles are included in every video, so you can follow the conversation even if you are a beginner.

Learn German with Jenny 

Jenny produces a really great content on youtube for German learners. Many of her videos are complemented by worksheets and exercises that you can use to practice what you hear in video.

Learn German with Anja 

Ania is also a German teacher and her videos are really fun to watch because of her joyful personality. She speaks very clearly and translates German phrases to English, so her videos are easy to understand even for beginners.

Learn German with Herr Antrim 

Herr Antrim makes videos for beginner and intermediate levels of grammar and vocabulary. His videos are very creative and interesting to watch.



DW| Deutsch lernen 

– Deutsche Welle also does a great job on Instagram, definitely check them out.


– QuikkGerman posts short videos and pictures with a very detailed explanation in captions. There are also little quizzes where you can post the right answer in the comments.

Days of Deutsch

– I would probably follow even if I was not interested in the German language because the photos are simply beautiful.

German Word Of The Day

– You didn’t see our Instagram yet?!

Basic German words

– Basicgermanwords is another creative account that reposts photos of German words you see in daily life. You can also get featured if you use the hashtag #basicgermanwords for your photos.

Hack your German 

– Interesting German phrases with English translation and explanation. Here you can learn the expressions that are usually not taught in a standard German course

Online exercises

Shubert Verlag

– Some online exercises for different levels.

German with Jenny

– Jenny posts pdfs with exercises on her blog and its free for you to use, but please consider a donation if you can.


Slow German

Coffee break German

Speaking practice


– Need to practice what you’ve learned? On Italki you can find a language partner or a tutor to help you practice speaking.