Uliana Chaikovska

Hi friends! Welcome to German Word Of The Day! 

My name is Uliana. I’m an ex-German language teacher with a master’s degree in German philology. I used to teach German online a few years ago. When I was an online teacher, I created German teaching material for my students. I also made an Instagram account where I posted new German words every day. Many people liked the idea, so I decided to start this blog to share more content and help more other people on their German learning journey.

After teaching German full-time for almost two years, I decided to change my career. Teaching yoga is my main job right now but this German Word Of The Day project is still close to my heart and I try to write new articles and create new PDFs whenever I get time. You can follow German Word Of The Day on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter below to receive notifications when new posts are published.

Whether you are learning German completely on your own or taking language classes and looking for supplemental learning resources, I hope you can find something useful on the blog. 

What can you find on the blog?