best youtube channels to learn German for beginners

5 best Youtube channels to learn German for beginners

If you want to learn German online for free, Youtube is one of the best places to start. There many Youtube channels out there that focus on German language and culture. When if you are just starting your language learning journey, it might be difficult to find out which channel is the most useful for beginners.   That’s why today I want to share with you some of my favorite Youtube channels to learn German for beginners.

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Easy German

Don’t be fooled by this Youtube channel name, because not all Easy German videos are easy. But since they are sorted by the level of difficulty, you can easily find the right video for you. If you are a beginner, check out the playlists German for absolute beginners (A1 – A2) and Super Easy German – German for beginners. Most videos on this channel are in German with German and English subtitles, so you can get used to the sound of the German language from the very beginning.

Learn German with Anja

Anja makes videos in German/English and speaks German extra slow to make it easier to understand for beginners. Playlists GERMAN FOR BEGINNERS FREE COURSE (A1) and German PRONUNCIATION! Pronounce German are worth checking if you are an absolute beginner. In this course, Anja teaches basic German grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim makes some really fun videos. Playlist Learn German for Beginners A1/A2 German is for beginners, but not all videos have English subtitles or translation, so it might be a bit difficult for a total beginner. But definitely worth checking after you’ve learned some basics already.

Learn German with Jenny

The videos on Jenny’s channel are nicely organized into playlists and you can easily find what you need. For beginners, I recommend watching German A1 (1-70)  and German A2 (71-179). Beginners can just follow the course and watch videos one by one or choose specific videos by title.

Learn German

I like this channel for simple and clear grammar explanations. The narrator is behind the camera, so it is less distracting if you prefer this type of videos. You can watch Learn German | Learn German for beginners A1 | Lessons 1 – 50   and Learn German | German Grammar | A1 | A2   or just browse the main page to find something interesting and useful.

Bonus tip

If you want to learn a specific grammar or vocabulary topic or maybe there is some German grammar that you don’t understand, try to search it on Youtube. There is a good chance that someone already made a video to answer your question.

Also, if you find that people are talking too fast in the video, try to adjust the video speed to 0.75 for better understanding.

5 best Instagram accounts to learn German words

Do you know some other good German Youtube channels for beginners that were not mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments!

best youtube channels to learn german for free for beginners





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  2. […] 5 best Youtube channels to learn German for beginners […]

  3. […] 5 best Youtube channels to learn German for beginners […]

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    This Website ist totally good and helful for beginner who are learning German course.As a beginner I have found lots of things here where we can’t find everthing in same Part..Thanks to all of them😊
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