days, months and seasons German vocabulary list pdf

German vocabulary list PDF: days of the week, months and seasons

This German vocabulary list for beginners includes words for days of the weeks, months and seasons. These are of the most frequently used words in conversation, so every beginner should learn them.

Answer the questions at the end of the post to practice days, months and seasons.

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Download PDF: Days, months and seasons in German

Days of the week in German

der Tag, -e – day(s)

die Woche, -n – week(s)

der Montag – Monday

der Dienstag – Tuesday

der Mittwoch – Wednesday

der Donnerstag – Thursday

der Freitag – Friday

der Samstag – Saturday

der Sonntag – Sunday

das Wochendende – weekend

am Montag – on Monday

am Dienstag – on Tuesday

am Mittwoch – on Wednesday

am Donnerstag – on Thursday

am Freitag – on Friday

am Samstag – on Saturday

am Sonntag – on Sunday

am Wochenende – on the weekend

montags – on Mondays

dienstags – on Tuesdays

mittwochs – on Wednesdays

donnerstags – on Thursdays

freitags – on Fridays

samstags – on Saturdays

sonntags – on Sundays

wochenends(this words exists, but is rarely used)

lerne jede Sprache fließend / buche jetzt Einzelst

Listen to the pronunciation of the days of the week in German

The months in German

The months in German are very similar to English but you need to be careful with pronunciation. Even if the months are written the same, German pronunciation will be different.

der Monat, -e – month(s)

der Januar – January

der Februar – February

der März – March

der April – April

der Mai – May

der Juni – June

der Juli – July

der August – August

der September – September

der Oktober – October

der November – November

der Dezember – December

im Januar – in January

im Februar – in February

im März – in March

im April – in April

im Mai – in May

im Juni – in June

im Juli – in July

im August – in August

im September – in September

im Oktober – in October

im November – in November

im Dezember – in December

Listen to the pronunciation of the months in German

Seasons in German

die Jahreszeit, -en – season(s)

der Winter – winter

der Frühling – spring

der Sommer – summer

der Herbst – autumn/fall

im Winter – in winter

im Frühling – in spring

im Sommer – in summer

im Herbst – in autumn/fall

Listen to the pronunciation of seasons in German

Download PDF: Days, months and seasons in German

And now practice what you’ve learned by answering the following questions in the comments:

  • Was ist deine Lieblingsjahreszeit? (What is your favorite season?)
  • In welchem Monat hast du Geburtstag? (In which month is your birthday)?
  • Welcher Tag ist heute? (What day is today)?

German days, months and seasons vocabulary list pdf





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