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5 FREE Online German Courses For Beginners (A1-A2) On Youtube

Youtube is an amazing free resource for learning foreign languages. You can find thousands of videos dedicated to German language. I’m using it to improve my English, and I always recommend it to my students as an additional resource for improving their German skills.

To be clear, I don’t think watching Youtube is the fastest and the most efficient way to learn a new language for most people. While there are great free German courses out there, learning a new language on your own is a difficult task, especially if it is your first time learning a foreign language. While there are people who can successfully teach themselves a foreign language, most people can learn German faster by enrolling in a regular language course or taking lessons from a tutor. But if that’s not an option for you, Youtube can be a great way to learn German for free. Or you can use it as an extra resource to help you improve your German.

Below you will find my top 5 German courses for beginners on Youtube and some tips on how to use these videos to learn German.

1. lingoni GERMAN (former Learn German with Jenny)

This is one of my favorite German learning Youtube channels. I like the way Jenny explains everything and her pronunciation is very clear.  Jenny used to make videos on her own, but now there is the whole team behind the channel, and they even made an app for learning languages. 

Two playlists to check out for beginners: 

German A1 (1-71) and German A2 (72-195)

There is a lot of information in these courses. In A1 course you can learn basic German words, grammar, and pronunciation. A2 course offers more advanced grammar and phrases. It’s not really structured, so you don’t need to watch videos in any particular order. Maybe just check videos by the titles and see which topics are interesting for you. 

There used to be downloadable worksheets for many videos to help you practice grammar and vocabulary explained in the video, but as I understand they are now only available in the Lingoni app. I was lucky to check out the worksheets when they were still available for download and I remember they were really good quality. The information in the app is probably more structured than on Youtube, so if you like Jenny’s videos and the way she teaches German, check out the app as well and see if it’s something for you.

2. Easy German

Easy German has a playlist German for absolute beginners (A1 – A2). It’s not a structured course but it’s a great additional tool if you are doing some other German course already. If you are not familiar with Easy German video style, they make most videos outside and go out to the streets to talk to German native speakers on different topics. It’s good to hear many different people speaking German because it helps to improve your listening skills. There are German and English subtitles in the videos as well if you find it hard to understand German just by listening.

For beginners, check out these two playlists:

German for absolute beginners (A1 – A2)

Super Easy German – German for beginners

There are vocabulary and grammar-focused videos on the Easy German Youtube channel and all the topics are well explained with many examples. Plus they are just really fun and entertaining to watch. They have a Patreon where you get access to exercises, transcripts, vocabulary lists, etc. They also have an app Seedlang for learning German, but I didn’t get a chance to check out the app yet.

Let me know in the comment if you tried the app and how was your experience. I’m planning to write a post about the best apps for learning German sometime in the future 🙂

3. Learn German with Anja


This course is pretty well structured, so if you are a total beginner, you can start watching from the first video in the playlist. It will take you from 0 to being able to make simple sentences in German. There is a good mix of vocabulary and grammar topics.

Anja is very entertaining and makes sure to speak slowly and pronounce the words clearly. She also usually speaks in German first and then translates in English, so you get to listen to German language from the very beginning. This is one of the free courses that I would recommend to someone who wants to start learning German for free from scratch. This video course can give you a pretty good grammar and vocabulary base, but it’s best if you can find someone to practice with, either a tutor or a friend or a language exchange partner. 

I always recommend Italki for finding an online teacher because I had a great experience with them both as a teacher and a student. Besides professional teachers, you can find community tutors who are native speakers. Community tutors don’t have professional teacher training, but they are great for speaking practice and usually charge less than professional teachers.


4. Learn German with Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim has a playlist German for Beginners – A1/A2. It seems to be mostly focused on vocabulary, not so much grammar there. This can be a great additional resource if you are learning German grammar in some other way.

He also has a 3 hour long Complete A1 Course video that introduces the basics of German language. I think this is great video for total beginners who want to get some idea of how German-language works. It’s a good mix of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. There are 20 lessons and you don’t need to watch the whole video at once, there are timestamps in the description so you can skip to the part that you need. Herr Antrim also has an e-book “Beginner German with Herr Antrim” to complement this course. 

5. Learn German

This Youtube channel is a bit different from other German learning channels because here you don’t see the person talking. It’s just animation with voiceover. I know that many people prefer this type of video, as you can really concentrate on the content and don’t get distracted by a speaker’s face. 

Here you can find the A1 course and A2 course. 

I find the courses very well structured and the grammar topics are well explained. If I had to learn German from scratch again, this channel would be my number one choice. It’s just very straight to the point and easy to follow, and I just like this style of video. 

If you become a patron on Patreon, you also get an access to worksheets and transcripts for a small monthly donation. I think this Youtube channel is great for people who really want to learn German on their own. You will still need someone to practice speaking with, but learning grammar and vocabulary is possible to do on your own with this course. 


These were my top picks for free online German courses for beginners. They are all very different, so check them all out and see which ones you like the best. All these Youtube creators offer valuable content, but we all have preferences in the way we like to learn, so you will probably like some of these channels more than others.

If you know some other good free online courses that were not mentioned in this post, please share them in the comments below.  

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